Friday, July 31, 2015

Holding On.

Two months since graduation.

6 weeks since being back in Delhi.

And almost a month in Bhopal.

As always, it feels much longer ago than this.

After nine crazy months in Cambridge and HGSE I am back home. On most days it feels like the year never happened. Too much happened together in those nine months for it to ever be true. Flights were taken, papers were written, copious amounts of hours were spent on Stata, amazing stories heard and shared and lots of happiness felt.

The journey was very satisfying. I am thankful, grateful and have no regrets. It had to be one of the best decisions I ever made!  The most exciting thing to be on Campus was the constant doses of  inspiration. Which I do sorely miss. I hope I am able to hold on to the faith that things will change.

Today was a rough day. Watching a beautifully crafted education program crumble in the schools it was meant to help was heart breaking. It brought back so many questions that we discussed in classrooms, over glasses of beer and fries and in Gutman too. And yet, this is what we were trained to do. To battle with the problems of scale and not lose hope. To push the system every single day and hope that some day it moves. To have faith and yet be practical. To accept that we can't have it all and yet demand that one day all children will have an excellent education.   

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