Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting back to life

I've probably written this blog post about a million times in my head.

And I'm already stuck after the first line!

It has been less than a month since the 22nd.I can't believe those papers are over! Looking back, it feels like time just flew by. The endless classes, metro rides, never ending rants and constant self doubt. All done and dusted. At least till January.

I didn't want to make a To Do list this time. For once I wanted to try not planning everything. Not that I've managed to get done quite as much as I wanted to.

The laziness is addictive.

Papa's been nudging me to do something productive, shockingly even mentioning his office once. He thinks I need a routine. Thankfully, Mumma thinks differently.

But at least this is one thing I can now cross from my list.

This blog is alive again!


Moul said...

Alive indeed.....
Welcome back

Pooja said...

Yay! :)