Thursday, May 01, 2008

How wrong we were about these people..

It's amazing how a 20 minute conversation brings so many things into perspective. Thanks Pooja :)

I've spent 14 years in school in 4 different sections. A majority of those years I've managed to stay with the same group of people, studied with them, screamed at them, shed tears and shared grunts ( go saumya!).

I've also managed to hold on to grudges for ( as Pooja was very kind to remind me) 8 freaking years! Its come to the point where none of us even remember what the original fight was about.
Yet, I don't speak to them even though the number of mutual friends increase day by day.

Yes, all of us have changed. We're not 12 anymore. I think it's finally time to let go.. to finally grow up *shudder*

Maybe this IS the passage of right we all need to go through before we turn 20.
So here's to new beginnings!

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