Sunday, July 22, 2007

Of Happy Times and some more..

It hasnt been a very happy week for me. I've spent my time moping around at home, acting irritable and stubborn all the time.

Nothing seems to cheer me up so I've decided to take matters in my own hand this time. I'm just going to think of all the happy and fun times that i remember and put them up here. So everytime i feel down and out I ll just read the post and hopefully feel much better.

So here goes...

I love the rainy season. I could spend hours just looking at how everything outside seems so fresh. I love going out right after it stops raining. My favorite thing to do is to stand under a tree and shake its branches until I get totally drenched and it almost feels like its raining again.

Thinking of my favorite books cheers me up. I still wish we could all be part of one long Enid Blyton novel and live happily ever after. I remember how all my friends and me wanted to go to Malory Towers and have one of those midnight feasts.
And how much we loved Gone With The Wind. If only Rhett wouldnt leave Scarlett....
Just to pen any of these books and reread my favorite passages over and over again can make my day...

Thinking of school makes me very happy. I can distinctly remember my first day and how I was one of the few who wernt in uniform. How we would play Four Squares under the Jamun trees and it would end being twenty squares.
It was in school that I learnt how to swim. The excitement of swimming without holding onto the rope and the fact that I was now part of a team.
My first debate and how i could feel my legs shaking on stage.
The whole Truth an Dare period in class seven and how we'd beg to get free periods to play the game.
The time we spent on the swings "wee-ing" away.

I love thinking about all the holidays I've been on. The week long holiday in Dalhousie where we'd walk all day long. All the long weekends spent in Jaipur with lots of shopping thrown in. The first time I sat in an aeroplane and felt my ears getting blocked or the very scary roller coaster in Malaysia will always bring a smile to my face.

And then I think of college and of the wonderful friends I've made. Of all the times we 've laughed for hours on stupid jokes and the enjoyed all the junk food in the canteen.
I love to think about all the places we've already been to and all the haggling with the autos..

THe list is longer but I'll probably survive on all this atleast for another week.


saumya said...

now i miss u after readin all thi...
mn btw...v r the frnds...u shud put r names.....

Pooja said...

i wasnt in uniform on the first skool day..same pinch..hehe

ya..i miss u guys n skool..n class seven..i want to play truth n dare again !!